About Us

Commazero is on a mission to make it easy for SMEs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers to pay invoices to suppliers. We look to revolutionise the payments system by making payments to multiple suppliers at once. Batch payments supported by open banking are key to the future of this, and we are working on the leading edge of open banking technology, paving the way as we go.

An agile and focussed firm, Commazero was founded in 2019 by forward-thinking Tom Beckenham, as a tribute to his fellow founders who shared his issues with payments. Here is what he had to say:

Right now millions of bookkeepers are cleaning up the mess that their clients send them only to present them with... not very much at the end of each month. To know what to pay, clients still have to login to their accounting system, find bills, then copy and paste bank account details to pay suppliers, contractors, and staff. This can be a real pain for small business owners, especially when on site or in industries with less online work.

Commazero makes it easy for accountants & bookkeepers to create and share payment runs with their clients. Clients can then pay those runs on their phone in a batch using their own bank account with just a couple of clicks.

We are making use of the very latest in open banking technology to make this happen, and it will be an absolute revolution to the bookkeeping process

Tom Beckenham Headshot