Payment portals your suppliers will love

Remove dozens of steps in paying your suppliers. Commazero is the glue that connects your suppliers, your accounting system, and bank together.

Modernise your payment process now.

Connects your Accounting Software & Bank

Works with dozens of major accounting systems and 100s of banks to seamlessly and securely pay suppliers

Keyless Payment

Pay invoices without rekeying bank details, amounts, or payees using Open Banking Payments. No need to ever copy & paste from an invoice to your bank account again.

Open Banking connects to your own bank to allow you to pay invoices simply and easily without leaving Commazero. You can even use your phone to securely pay suppliers on the go.

Transform Communication

Two way commenting eliminates antiquated credit control processes. Give suppliers everything they want to know without having to chase you for it.

Easily refer to people or invoices in the chat like interface.

Messages are backed by email to fit into how companies work today.

Pure transparency

Connect with all of your suppliers in one spot.

Give your suppliers a window into your accounting system to display the exact status of every one of their invoices. It's safe and secure.

Show suppliers when their invoice is scheduled for payment so they can stop chasing you.

Your suppliers become your own quality assurance - picking errors well before payment runs.

Automate Literally Everything...

Commazero automatically enters payments against bills, and pulls communication into contacts and purchase history.

Invite suppliers to connect their accounting system to trigger payment entry when you pay.

More than that, once suppliers connect, they can supply you a direct feed of outgoing invoices.

What customers are saying

"Hugely impressed with the speed at which the product has been built, and how well it works"

Lucy Smith
, CEO Digital Grads

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