A step change in payment process

Commazero lets small business owners pay all their bills with one click. They can even use their own bank account.

It makes paying bills truly magical.

Seamless & Safe

Commazero uses brand new open banking technology to initiate payments.
It's safe, secure, and supported by the majority of the UK's banks.

App - Payment Run Screen

Works better together

If you are a bookkeeper or accountant, you can offer payment services to clients without the hassle that traditionally went with it. Commazero is a perfect way to close the loop on the bookkeeping process.

App - All Bills to be Paid


We have seen huge demand for this new product. We are releasing the product to monthly cohorts of businesses - starting with accountants & bookkeepers. Please apply below to be given access.

Customer Headshot - Lucy Smith

What customers are saying

"Hugely impressed with the speed at which the product has been built, and how well it works"

Lucy Smith
, CEO Digital Grads
Tom Beckenham
CEO & Founder
Laura Smith
Business Development

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