Incentivise early payment

Late payment starves businesses

It costs small businesses billions just to chase the money they are already owed. The impact can be enormous. An invoice paid late by a large customer can mean not being able to make payroll. It creates stress. Before you know you’re in a battle with your biggest customers.

Solving late payment at its core

The only way to properly solve late payment is to try to strive to be paid early. Right now, payment terms are like interest free credit, and payments are entered just a few days before due. If anything goes wrong... you're the one waiting to get paid.

Reward your customers

Commazero gives you an easy way to provide discounts to your customers for early payment. The earlier customers pay the greater the discount calculated. Small discounts can make a huge difference to whether and when you get paid.

Automate Accounting

Providing dynamic discounts is complex to calculate. Commazero makes this super simple by connecting to your accounting system to calculate discounts and generate credit notes.

Zero effort

Commazero handles all communication once invoices are sent. Customers are notified about available discounts and a live statement is provided showing exactly what is outstanding, how to pay, and what credit is available.

OUr mission
Put cash into the hands of businesses that need it most.

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